Pennsylvania has made considerable advances in reforming and improving its juvenile justice system, including the advocacy for and support of the use of evidence-based prevention and intervention programs. This toolkit was created to support the Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy (JJSES) in Pennsylvania, in advancing its balanced and restorative justice mission by providing a “one stop shop” where you can research effective programs and practices to make informed decisions on what works best to meet the needs of a specific youth population. Its intent is to educate professionals by providing common definitions of program effectiveness, training and technical assistance opportunities, as well as links to available programs and practices and where they fall on a continuum of confidence.


Statement of Purpose

To promote informed decision-making among Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice practitioners and other professionals engaged in efforts to prevent or reduce  delinquency, regarding the selection and adoption of effective programs and practices by:

  • Providing a single coordination point for resources on effective programs and practices

  • Defining for practitioners the terms utilized in program evaluation

  • Offering guidance to systems and professionals on quality improvement through self-assessment of practices, and tools for the evaluation of program effectiveness